Meet the Musicians: Travis Gore

Photo courtesy of Travis Gore

Seattle Symphony Double Bass Travis Gore loves being in the moment, whether in the surf or playing bass with one of his bands.

By Andrew Stiefel

When he’s not with his growing family or playing with the orchestra, you can find Travis Gore surfing on the Washington coast playing with bands around Seattle. His personal project is a group called Feeds on Majesty, but he’s also appeared on a record by Hey Marseilles called Lines We Trace and on Bryan Appleby’s The Narrow Valleys.

“I grew up playing in punk bands and the youth orchestra, so I need to feel well-rounded,” he says. But regardless of genre, “my favorite thing is a tight performance,” says Travis. “There's almost no better feeling in the world than being in a group that's really locked in together.”

Travis remembers watching his father play drums with rock bands in Chicago and around the Midwest. “My dad was a huge influence on me getting into music,” he recalls.

Although it seems like he should have been destined to play percussion, Travis was fascinated by an electric bass his dad kept around the house. “My friends would come over and we would open the case to look at it. But we didn't dare touch it or take it out.”

One day his father invited him to try playing it. “We plugged it into the stereo system and I started learning tunes by Deep Purple and Black Sabbath before I started playing upright bass in the school orchestra.”

At first Travis wasn’t sure he wanted to keep playing the bass. “I really wanted to play rock music, but my dad encouraged me to get a formal training,” he explains. “And the longer I played I started to realize that there were more palettes of color. And I fell in love classical music.”

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Posted on November 15, 2018