880 Keys. One Magical Night.

Ten sensational concert pianists took to the stage on Saturday, May 14 to support the Seattle Symphony’s education programs.

Ten Grands Seattle is one of the most visually stunning concerts of the year. The virtuoso pianists — all from Washington and Oregon — perform on a multi-tiered, rose-covered stage, playing as soloists and in various combinations, including all ten playing simultaneously.

Always a favorite, this past weekend was no exception. The night was a variety show featuring Chopin and Mozart alongside new compositions by the pianists and the music of Beatle’s producer George Martin. It was an inspirational evening in support of a great cause. The Seattle Symphony’s education and community programs are changing the lives of many people.

“Music education is one of the most powerful learning experiences we can offer our children,” said Michael Allen Harrison, Creative Director and Founder of Ten Grands. “With its ability to provide a sense of joy and healing, music should be accessible to all children.”

During the concert, we heard from pianist Hailey Rowden, who discovered her talent for music through a Salvation Army program. After first learning to play on a piano that had been donated to the Salvation Army, Hailey received a scholarship from the Snowman Foundation to start taking lessons with Michael Allen Harrison, the founder of Ten Grands.

Today she is a philanthropic performer and piano teacher in the Portland metro area. Hailey’s story is a powerful example of the profound effect music can have.

If you missed your opportunity to donate at the concert, your generous gift today still has a powerful impact on the Seattle Symphony's education programs and the next generation.

Please consider making a gift in the amount that’s right for you. Whether $50 or $500, your donation makes a real difference in your community — give now.

Posted on May 23, 2016