Meet the Musicians: Michael Myers


With a new son, Seth, approaching his second birthday in June, Michael Myers says he’s found a new work/life balance. “Watching him change every day blows my mind,” he muses. “Since my free time is at a premium, I have to be more efficient with my practicing, but the trade-off is definitely worth it!”

Michael (or Mike to his friends) started with the Seattle Symphony in September 2017. Together with his wife, Shelly, an oboist, he loves helping Seth explore Seattle. “We love going to Seward Park together and spend a lot of time at playgrounds and toddler gyms. Our goal next winter is to get him on skis!”

In addition to his immediate family, Mike says he was fortunate to have a second family supporting him throughout his career. His late friend Phil Pitner, also a trumpet player, introduced him to a world of music while they played together in the Danbury Symphony and Brass Band in Connecticut.

“When I was in high school, I’d bring empty cassettes to rehearsal and Phil would fill them with stuff I had never heard before. He introduced me to all these styles of trumpet and brass playing, including solo, orchestral, jazz, and brass ensembles. Later he and his wife Scottie came to my recitals and concerts in college and eventually got to hear me play professionally. Phil was a mentor and second father to me and a huge influence that I miss daily.”

Now that he’s in Seattle, Mike says he’s found a home, both in the city and in the orchestra.

“There's a saying that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I love the feeling when the whole orchestra is on the same page and the intensity and positive force that creates. I can’t see myself doing anything else for a living.”

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Posted on May 2, 2019