Your Symphony, Your Legacy: Jean Baur Viereck

Stories from the Musical Legacy Society

By Martin K. Johansson

This month we hear from Jean Baur Viereck about her passion for symphonic music and the Seattle Symphony. Jean is a member of the Musical Legacy Society which honors patrons who have included the Symphony in their will or estate plans. Legacy donors help to ensure a vibrant future for the Seattle Symphony.

Have you always been interested in symphonic music?

Jean: My mother was very culturally attuned, she was really an aficionado of good music, so I went with her to the symphony as a small child. My mother took me to everything. She wanted me to be exposed to all of the arts. I can remember a key part of my growing up was a little radio. I used to listen in bed until late at night. The radio had a red dial, and when the light was on, it shined through the sheets, and my mother could see that I was listening to the radio too late at night. I always got caught because I had it on.

What do you enjoy the most about the concert experience?

J: The Symphony’s music brings the soft side of life to your heart. It feeds the soul, erases sorrow and celebrates life. The musicians come together to make music, to make the audience feel good. That's a wonderful thing.

And I so appreciate the musicians. Knowing how many years of dedication, study and commitment goes into sitting on that stage, making great performances for us. It doesn’t happen overnight. They've spent their lives preparing for this moment, and that’s extraordinary.

“The Symphony’s music brings the soft side of life to your heart. It feeds the soul, erases sorrow and celebrates life. That's a wonderful thing.”

Why is it important to you to support the Seattle Symphony as a donor and a member of the Musical Legacy Society?

J: Well, I support the Symphony and wholeheartedly believe in the Symphony. I believe that everybody gives something. You give something when you attend, you give something if you volunteer, and if you can you give money. The important thing is that we don’t only take, but must also give something back. You give from the heart, and you give whatever you can.

I think that a thoughtful citizen contributes to those entities they enjoy while they're alive. And isn't it a wonderful thought to think in the hereafter when you're gone, that organization will be there to help other people learn and experience the benefits you've enjoyed? You're leaving a little bit of yourself to help somebody else.

Thank you, Jean, for sharing your passion, and the joy of symphonic music with your community!

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Posted on November 8, 2017