Beethoven & Ravel


Beethoven’s Piano Trio No. 5 is often called the “Ghost Trio” due to the spectral atmosphere of the second movement. His Oboe Trio, along with Mendelssohn’s String Quartet No. 2, are both early testaments to the precocious composers’ mastery of chamber ensemble writing. Published amid speculation of a rivalry with Debussy, Ravel’s work sets the poetry of Stéphane Mallarmé to a concise yet deeply ethereal score.


Maria Männistö, Soprano

Natasha Bazhanov, Second Violin

Kathleen Boyer, Second Violin

Artur Girsky, Second Violin

Andy Liang, First Violin

Mae Lin, First Violin

Timothy Christie, Viola

Timothy Hale, Viola

Daniel Stone, Viola

Nathan Chan, Cello

Meeka Quan DiLorenzo, Cello

Rowena Hammill, Cello

Jeffrey Barker, Flute

Zartouhi Dombourian-Eby, Flute-Piccolo

Chengwen Winnie Lai, Oboe

Mary Lynch, Oboe

Stefan Farkas, Oboe-English Horn

Laura DeLuca, Clarinet-E-Flat Clarinet

Eric Jacobs, Clarinet-Bass Clarinet

Li-Tan Hsu, Piano

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