Dausgaard Sibelius Symphony No. 2


From its icy, desolate opening to its robust, jubilant finale, Sibelius’ Violin Concerto glows. Isabelle Faust performs the seldom-heard original version of the piece — full of unexpected twists and turns. Thomas Dausgaard expertly shapes the arching melodies and majestic lines of Sibelius’ Second Symphony. This program is part of the Seattle Symphony's two-year Sibelius Cycle.


Music Director Thomas Dausgaard brings his Nordic roots and unique insights to the music of the great Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. This two-year Sibelius Cycle will explore all seven of Sibelius’ symphonies over two seasons, plus the rarely performed, original version of his Violin Concerto; each symphony will be paired with exciting Seattle Symphony commissions and world premieres by contemporary composers.

Sibelius drew his inspiration from Finland’s enchanting natural wonders that mirror our own Pacific Northwest: glacial lakes, evergreen forests, sea breezes, migrating birds, long summer days and dark, sun-starved winters. This deep love of nature, with its ethereal beauty and creative inspiration, translates to the stage through Dausgaard’s own passion and reverence for the natural world that surrounds us.


Thomas Dausgaard, Conductor

Isabelle Faust, Violin

Seattle Symphony

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