Parking at Benaroya Hall

The 430-car underground garage at Benaroya Hall provides direct access from the enclosed parking area into the Hall via elevators leading to The Boeing Company Gallery.

  • Enter the garage on Second Avenue, just south of Union Street.
  • Maximum vehicle height is 6'8".
  • Blink charging stations are available for electric vehicles.
  • The event rate is $17 unless otherwise posted. Hourly and other non-event rates are listed here.

Important safety information for parking around Benaroya Hall

Downtown Seattle’s first two-way protected bike lane is now open on Second Avenue. Read on to learn more about interacting safely with all road users.

  • Before entering the Benaroya Hall parking garage, check your mirrors and surroundings carefully. Be aware of pedestrians crossing the sidewalk and bicyclists riding both northbound and soundbound in the protected bike lane.
  • Please be aware that the left lane on Second Avenue is now designated as a parking lane, except during peak hours (weekdays: 6–9am, 3–7pm) when it is designated as a left-turn-only lane.
  • Before exiting the garage, check again for pedestrians, two-way bike lane traffic and oncoming southbound cars.

Purchase event parking in advance

  • Ticketholders may pre-purchase event parking for the Benaroya Hall garage. For availability, please call the Benaroya Hall Ticket Office at 206.215.4747.

Other parking

Parking is also available at:

  • The Cobb Building (enter on University Street between Third and Fourth avenues)
  • The Russell Investments Center (enter on Union Street between First and Second avenues).

There are many other garages within a one-block radius of Benaroya Hall, along with numerous on-street parking options.